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Acquisition Workforce Spotlight Chris Heibeck, Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI)

Tux and Cooper enjoy hearing the latest news on
  1. How long have you worked with the FAI, and what was your background before FAI?  

I'm new to FAI, I joined the team at the end of January. I have 18 years of experience supporting the Federal mission as a contracting professional. Prior to working at FAI, I served for the Department of Veterans Affairs as the Director of Curriculum at the Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA) Contracting Professional School. While at the VA, I also served as a supervisory contracting officer supporting Veterans Health, Veterans Benefits and National Cemeteries. Prior to the VA, I was the Procurement Policy Branch Chief at Naval Medical Logistics Command and a contracting officer.

Outside of work, my husband and I live in Pennsylvania and have two sons, a dog (Cooper), and a cat (Tux). I enjoy spending time with friends and family. Fall is my favorite season because there are tailgates, football games and fantasy football leagues.

  1. What are some of the major efforts you and your team are working on with FAI (i.e., what new training can we expect to see soon)?  

There is a lot happening this year. We are developing new continuous learning training, modernizing FAC-C certification, and developing new functionality in FAI Cornerstone on Demand (FAI CSOD) to improve and streamline CL management. 

Several new classes are in development. We have worked closely to support the EO 14005 “Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers”. We launched FAC 094 in October and are revising FAC-063 Buy American Statute due to recent FAR updates.

FAI is leading two workgroups to support OFPP's FAC-C Modernization Initiative. The workgroups are evaluating the Department of Defense (DOD) Back to Basics initiative to include changes to DOD's contracting certification program and introduction of Defense Acquisition Credentials. Credentials are curated learning packages and provide assignment specific, job-relevant training to workforce members post-certification. OFPP and FAI are developing a Federal Credential Framework and planning potential Federal credentials. 

Additionally, FAI has been leading an interagency system configuration team to build a Continuous Learning Individual Progress (CLIP) Dashboard in FAI CSOD. The new CL module launched May 1st. The new system features include a user dashboard and allows for improved CL management. You can check out a Featured Topics - CL Video for more information.

  1. What recent FAI training courses are your team most excited about? 

We are excited about the Supply Chain Risk Management series. FAI developed FAC-093: Introduction to SCRM. This one-hour course is available now for the acquisition workforce. We are planning four additional classes. The next two in the series will be Exclusion Orders/Prohibitions (in development with an expected launch in Aug 22) and Protecting Sensitive Information (with an expected launch in FY23).  

Our team is also very excited about our Back-to-Basics course series (FAC-081- FAC-086); several of the courses will be used in DAU’s new single-level DAWIA certification program. Course topics in the series include market research, conducting effective debriefings, getting the best value, contract remedies, and price reasonableness for simplified acquisitions.

  1. Is there anything the AWF should know about FAI training? How can I learn about and register for FAI training?

FAI provides certification courses to support FAC COR, FAC P/PM, and FAC-C. Additionally, there are numerous FAI classes available to support continuous learning. Registration for training is open to all Federal employees, at no cost, and available on FAI CSOD. AWF members can search for training within FAI CSOD or on One quick tip, when searching for training in FAI CSOD, many continuous learning modules course numbers start with FAC (e.g., FAC-089).

  1. What words of wisdom would you offer to your fellow acquisition workforce members?          

Be a lifelong learner! Federal acquisition environment is constantly changing and evolving. Seek different and diverse assignments in acquisitions. Both things will help your professional growth and development.


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