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DAU Credentials

DAU Credentials Available to the Federal Workforce

The following list of DAU Credentials consists exclusively of Online Training (OLT) assets and is accessible to the Federal AWF. Each concept card provides information about the credential and also offers the opportunity to apply for participation in the program.

Concept Card Credentials Title
CACQ 004 Introduction to Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Credential
CACQ 005 Foundational Earned Value Management Credential
CACQ 007 Category Management Credential
CACQ 008 Foundational Intellectual Property (IP) Credential
CACQ 010 Foundational Acquisition Intelligence Credential
CACQ 012 International Acquisition/Security Cooperation for Program Managers Credential
CALD 001 Resilience Credential
CBFM 003 Defense Business Systems for Financial Managers Credential
CCON 007A Defective Pricing Credential
CCON 010 Special Topics in Contract Pricing Credential
CCON 013 Contract Administration Special Topics Credential
CCON 021 Contracting for Research and Development Credential
CCON 022 Simplified Acquisition Procedures (Purchasing) Credential
CCON 027 Quantitative Methods Application Credential
CCON 028 Contracting for Logistics & Sustainment Credential
CCYB 001 Program Protection Credential
CCYB 002 Cybersecurity for Program Managers Credential
CENG 012 Technology Project Management Credential
CLCL 001 Product Support Management Fundamentals Credential
CLCL 002A Integrated Product Support Credential
CLCL 003A Supply Chain Integration Credential
CLCL 004 Maintenance Planning and Management Credential
CLCL 005 Supportability & Design Interface Credential
CLCL 006 Designing Supportable Systems Credential
CLCL 008 Product Support Arrangements Credential
CLCL 009 Information Technology Life Cycle Support Credential
CLCL 010 Technical Data Management Credential
CLCL 011 Product Support Affordability & Cost Fundamentals Credential
CLCL 013 Packaging, Handling, Storage & Transportation (PHS&T) Credential
CLCL 014A Parts & Material Life Cycle Management Credential
CLCL 015 Product Support Infrastructure Credential

The following list of DAU Credentials consists of both Online Training (OLT) assets as well as Instructor-Led Training (vILT) courses and is accessible to the Federal AWF. Each concept card provides information about the credential and also offers the opportunity to apply for participation in the program.

FAI and other Federal agencies have the capability to support these credentials. They can provide the required vILT course through an equivalent provider recognized by DAU. Federal AWF members who are interested in obtaining a credential that necessitates a DAU VILT course should opt for the FAI or Federal Provider session within the FAI CSOD platform during the registration process.

**Note** While DAU course registration might be an option, it is contingent on the DoD's training priority system. Federal AWF members do not receive any priority in this regard.

Concept Card Credentials Title
CACQ 001 Services Acquisition Team Member: Non-Acquisition Credential
CACQ 002 Services Acquisition Team Member: Acquisition Professional Team Members Credential
CACQ 006 Acquisition Law & Policy Credential
CACQ 013 Functional Services Manager Credential
CCON 011 Construction Contracting Credential
CCON 012 Architect-Engineering Contracting Credential
CCON 025 Contracting for Services Credential
CIND 001 Industrial Contract Property Management Credential
CSBP 001 Small Business Professional Credential

Click on the following links to access DAU's website, where you can learn about the Defense Acquisition Credential Program and utilize a tool to explore their various credentials. Please note that not all credentials listed on their website are fully accessible to the Federal AWF.

Defense Acquisition Credential Program

DAU Career Development Opportunities (CDO) Tool


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