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In the dynamic landscape of federal acquisition, professionals within the Federal Acquisition Workforce (AWF) benefit from two vital avenues to bolster their expertise and credibility: Federal Credentials and DAU Credentials. These credentials play a crucial role in validating their skills and knowledge, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of the acquisition process with confidence and proficiency.

  • Federal Credentials

    Contracting (FAC-C)

    An exciting era in professional development for acquisition professionals has arrived. After initial certification, they may expand their expertise through Federal Credentials and specialized experiences. Federal Credentials offer just‐in‐time, on‐demand training, supporting a lifelong learning approach. Each credential focuses on specific knowledge or skills and includes multiple learning assets.

  • DAU Credentials

    Contracting Officer's Representative (FAC-COR)

    This link showcases the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Credentials available to the Federal AWF. DAU offers a comprehensive set of credentials tailored to defense acquisition professionals, equipping them with specialized knowledge and competencies to navigate the complexities of the defense procurement process. These credentials not only validate the proficiency of AWF personnel but also empower them to excel in their critical roles within the federal acquisition domain.


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